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2007 Rules


  1. Membership Fee to be agreed at the Captains Representative meeting before the start of the season. One representative from each team must attend.
  2. All league matches to commence by 8.15pm unless previously arranged by telephone. If the game has not started by 8.30pm the waiting team may claim the first leg.
  3. In all league and cup games the team shall consist of eight players, but a minimum of 5 can play.
  4. The conduct of the game shall be the two Captain's responsibility.
  5. The winning team must either e-mail results to: rodney@rwservices.wanadoo.co.uk or phone results to 07966 236 961. This must be done by the Thursday night following the match at the very latest. Failure to do this will result in a warning on the first occasion, with points deducted and given to the opposing team if this happens again. No Exceptions.
  6. A Batter having struck the ball will stand still and clear of the trap on either side, not behind. To strike a ball above shoulder height is deemed to be a foul and the Batter is out.
  7. The Bowling team shall remain at the bowling end until the leg in play is finished and should not distract the Batter.
  8. A Bowler shall only bowl one under-arm bowl in each team round.
  9. Whilst bowling the Bowler must keep one foot behind the line.
  10. Floodlights shall be used when requested. A minimum of 3 x 500 watt lamps should be positioned along the pitch to ensure adequate lighting throughout the game.
  11. All league and cup fixtures shall be adhered to, the only exception being inclement weather. Both Captains should meet at the venue to decide if play should commence. If not, a later fixture is to be arranged and a date should be phoned through to 07966 236 961 or e-mailed to rodney@rwservices.wanadoo.co.uk
  12. The team winning the best of three legs including drawn legs in league games shall be deemed the winner. Three points will be awarded for a win and one point each for a draw.
  13. Any number of player substitutions is permitted with the provision that the players selected must play the complete leg.
  14. All teams must play with the agreed standard ball.
  15. In the team knockout Cup, all rounds ending in a draw over three legs shall be decided by a fourth leg. Semi Finals are to be played on neutral pitches.
  16. All games to be played on Wednesday evenings, unless agreed by both Captains 24 hours in advance, for another evening. Notification of the change is to be made to rodney@rwservices.wanadoo.co.uk or to 07966 236 961. No changes will be entertained on the day of the fixture. If a team does not turn up for a match, three points will be awarded to the opposing team.
  17. The Cup final will be played at the Sportsman Inn, unless the Sportsman team is in the final. In this event a neutral pitch, agreed by the two Captains, will be used and confirmed with the new venue as available.
  18. If the ball is above the height of the posts, if going for a catch, it is an automatic out.


It has been recommended that teams, whenever possible should be of mixed sex, as discussed at this year's AGM.

Batters scoring highly, may "retire" at say 60 with the agreement that if the opposing team reach the same score, the first batter may return to complete their turn. This must be agreed by both Captains prior to the game starting. This stops some of the games carrying on late into the night.

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